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15 Jan 2012

Uke Stickers

So the question is this - do you go for ukulele stickers, either on your cases or on your instruments?

I personally do a bit of both.

Take a look at the case for my Koaloha Soprano. It has a UKE sticker from Tiki King, a Rae Carter sticker that came with his EP, and an Apple sticker (because I am a self confessed Apple nut... sorry)

ukulele case stickers

My concert ukulele case is similar, and has a couple of Bosko and Honey stickers that came with their CD.

bosko and honey stickers

When it comes to the instruments themselves, I am not one for putting stickers onto wood for fear of damaging the finish.  When it comes to Flukes and Fleas though, with plastic backs, why not?

fluke ukulele stickers

What I hadn't thought about though, was that I have no Got A Ukulele Stickers on my cases, and I need to rectify that! (If you want a Got A Ukulele sticker, you can grab one HERE )

So what are you - a sticker nut, or do you prefer to keep your cases pristine?


  1. I have stickers over all of my cases- this one has all my backstage passes on it (there are a few on the other side, too!)

  2. Now that is a harder working uke case that mine Phil!


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