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8 Oct 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - ukulele chords

It's about time I put the chords up to this song, made famous on ukulele by the late great Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole (Iz). His version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is one of the prettiest songs I've heard on uke.

[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Way up [C]high
[F]There's a [C]land that I heard of
[G7]Once in a lulla[C]by

Verse 2:

[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Skies are [C]blue
[F]And the [C]dreams that you dare to
[G7]Dream really do come [C]true


Some [C]day I'll wish upon a star
And [G7]wake up where the clouds are far be[F]hind me
Where [C]troubles melt like lemondrops
A[G7]way above the chimney tops
That's [Am]where you'll [F]find me

Verse 3:

[C]Somewhere [Em]over the rainbow
[F]Bluebirds [C]fly
[F]Birds fly [C]over the rainbow
[G7]Why then, oh why can't [C]I?


[C]If happy little bluebirds fly

Be[G7]yond the rainbow
Why, oh [F]why [G7]can't [C]I?

You can read more about Iz Here

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  1. This is amazing, I've perfected it in 2 days. (beginner)


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