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12 Feb 2011

Wabash Cannonball - Ukulele Chords

Another in my series of traditional folky songs and chords for the ukulele - Wabash Cannonball

  Out from the wide Pacific to the broad Atlantic shore
  D G
She clim bs the flowery mountains, over hills and by the shore
Although she's tall and handsome and she's known quite well by all
  D G
She's a regular combination, the Wabash Cannonball.

  G C
  Oh, listen to the jingle, the rumble and the roar
  D G
As she glid es along the woodland, over hills and by the shore
She climbs the flowery mountains, hear the merry hobo squall
  D G

As she glides along the woodland, the Wabash Cannonball.
Oh the Eastern states are dandy, so the Western people say
Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis by the way
To the lakes of Minnesota where the rippling waters fall
No chances to be taken on the Wabash Cannonball.


I have rode the I.C. Limited, also the Royal Blue
Across the Eastern counties on Elkhorn Number Two
I have rode these highball trains from coast to coast that's all
But I have found no equal to the Wabash Cannonball.


Oh, here's old daddy Cleaton, let his name forever be
And long be remembered in the courts of Tennessee
For he is a good old rounder 'til the curtain round him fall
He'll be carried back to victory on the Wabash Cannonball.



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