7 Feb 2011

eBook for ukulele beginners - A Thank You

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who have bought the book, , and for the many kind comments and reviews I have had from some of you.  It is MUCH appreciated.

It's only a little book, and I was in two minds about putting it out there, but I am pleased to read that it has been appreciated.  I particularly like the comments from people who say they keep going back to it and are pleased they know its there, ready to go to, on their ereader or phone.

Another interesting email I had was from somebody suggesting I, a) write another one aimed at the next stage (interesting idea!) and b) write a book, perhaps aimed at kids as a story as to why you should try a ukulele (I really like that idea!) - Who knows, I will see if I can come up with something.

For now though, the book will remain available in the Kindle store and on Smashwords (links below) and would be grateful for your feedback or reviews on the sites you bought it from.

Thanks people!

What Ukulele Players REALLY Want To Know - US Kindle Store
What Ukulele Players REALLY Want To Know - UK Kindle Store
What Ukulele Players REALLY Want To Know - for Sony, Nook, ePub, PDF etc


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