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Crazy by Willie Nelson - Ukulele chords

I adore Willie Nelson, and this is a tune that many folks dont know is by him, and is perfect for ukulele

Simple ish to play (if you are a beginner the Dm7 and Dm6 frills at the end of each line are optional, but you will find the chords on my CHORD CHARTS and just require a little extra work with your little pinky finger.  (Dm7 is 2213 and Dm6 is 2212)

(Song lyrics provided strictly for educational purposes only!)

CRAZY - Willie Nelson

Verse 1:

[C]Crazy, I'm [A7]crazy for feeling so [Dm]lonely [Dm7][Dm6]
I'm [G]crazy, crazy for [G7]feeling so [C]blue [Gdim][Dm7][G7]
[C]I knew you'd [A7]love me as long as you [Dm]wanted [Dm7][Dm6]
And then [G]someday you'd [G7]leave me for somebody [C]new [C7]


[F]Worry, why do I let myself [C]worry? [C7]
[D]Wond'ring [D7]what in the world did I [G]do? [Dm7][G7]

Verse 2:

[C]Crazy for [A7]thinking that my love could [Dm]hold you [Dm7][Dm6]
I'm [F7]crazy for [Em7]trying and [Dm7]crazy for [C9]crying
And I'm [Dm7]crazy for [G7]loving [C]you.


Verse 2


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