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14 Jan 2011

Blue Moon - Ukulele Chords

Whether you are just a fan of old time songs, or adore the American Werewolf movie (like me!), this is a cracking tune, and great when played in a slow jazzy strum on the ukulele

Blue Moon

(lyrics provided strictly for educational purposes only)

[G7]Blue [C]moon, [Am7] [Dm7]
You saw me [G7]standing a[C]lone [Am7] [Dm7]
Without a [D7]dream in my [CM7]heart, [Am7] [D7]
Without a [F]love of my [C]own. [Am7] [Dm7]

Verse 2:

[G7]Blue [C]moon, [Am7] [Dm7]
You knew just [G7]what I was [C]there for, [Am7] [Dm7]
You heard me [D7]saying a [CM7]prayer for [Am7] [D7]
[F]Someone I [G]really could [C]care for. [F] [Fm] [C]


And then there [Dm7]suddenly ap[G7]peared be[C]fore me
The only [Dm7]one my heart could [G7]ever [C]hold;
I heard some[Fm7]body whisper, "[Bb7]Please a[Eb]dore me."
And when I [G]looked, the moon had [D7]turned to [G]gold. [D7] [G7]

Verse 3:

[G7]Blue [C]moon, [Am7] [Dm7]
Now I'm no [G7]longer a[C]lone [Am7] [Dm7]
Without a [D7]dream in my [CM7]heart, [Am7] [D7]
Without a [F]love of my [C]own. [Am7] [Dm7]


  1. This is one of my favorite songs. I bought a uke a few years ago, but haven't put a lot of time into playing it but I am determined to make more time... this is a song that has been rolling around in my head a lot. Thanks for Posting it!! Peace, Jeanne

  2. I used to sing this to my son. I love this song thanks for sharing it.


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