Is it a ukulele?

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9 Nov 2010

Is it a ukulele?

Well, is it?


Well, no, its actually a Cavaquinho, but there is a connection.

This instrument, like the ukulele, originated in Portgugal, and many think this may have been the origin of the ukulele.  Its now a very important instrument in traditional Brazilian music, brought their by the Portuguese founding fathers.

Also called a Machimbo or Machete, these are usually tuned DGBD, but can be tuned DGBE like the top 4 strings of a guitar (and like a uke, albeit at a different pitch),  Its believed this is probably the sort of instrument that landed on Hawaii and was turned into what we now know to be a ukulele.

More about uke history HERE

So there you go.  Pretty isnt it?


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