Love Will Tear Us Apart - ukulele chords progression

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10 Oct 2010

Love Will Tear Us Apart - ukulele chords progression

A while ago I posted the wonderful Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley playing the Joy Divison track "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on uke. You can see that HERE

Its a great version, and works surprisingly well on ukulele. What also surprised me was that one of the biggest google searches I see pointing to my site is for the chords.

As I've said before, I am steering away from posting song lyrics due to copyright restrictions, but you can google the words yourself (or if you are a fan like me, you probably already know them!)

Anyway, the ukulele chords progression is really really easy, as its just 4 chords in a loop, namely:

D (2220)
A (2100)

You can also practice the odd hammer on and pull off on the D chord to pick out the melody too.

Have fun


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