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3 Sep 2010


I have been diagnosed with a RSI/carpal tunnel/tendonitis injury in my wrist. It's actually at the base of the thumb where it meets the wrist and is excruciatingly painful!

The cause could be a number of things, and the obvious culprit is the use of a computer mouse / keyboard. Well I do that a lot, but it also really hurts when I flex the wrist in the direction I strum uke and guitar...... Could I have been injured by the uke??

Anyway, bad news is that my wrist is in a splint to restrict movement and keep it rested for a week. No uke playing for 7 days!!

After that, it's exercise time to strengthen surrounding muscles to avoid it happening again, then I'm good to go!

(anyway, I blame the guitar not the uke, have had some lengthy gigs recently when we have played some violently chugging country blues, and I'm sure that did it....).



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