Baritone Uke chord chart

It just struck me, whilst I had provided a chord chart for standard GCEA tuning, I hadnt provided one for Baritone Uke, tuned DGBE - essential if you are learning how to play the ukulele baritone style!

Presto - here you go. As you will see, the chord shapes are pretty much the same but you are transposing down 4 notes - the standard C chord shape plays a G, the F plays a C etc - in fact -these chord shapes mirror the fingering on the top four strings of a guitar in standard tuning

baritone ukulele chord chart



Gerry George said...

I'm 73 - and a keen pro uke and banjo-uke player - but I've never been able to simply listen to a melody, and then play along with it, without having to rely on those little boxes over the lyrics, with dots showing where one puts their fingers to make the chord inversions. I would dearly like to be able to learn how to do this, so I was wondering whether you have for sale, a tutor which will show me how ? Best wishes. Gerry George.

Barry Maz said...

Gerry - see the tabs across top of site - there is a page listing tutors !

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for the Baritone Chords

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