The eleuke has gone... sob

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10 Jun 2010

The eleuke has gone... sob

sadly, (well, cos I am saving for a different uke) had a long hard look at the collection, and sold the eleuke on ebay as it just wasnt getting the play.

Good luck to whoever bought it, and I just wanted to say to those thinking of an eleuke - they are brilliant - my sale says nothing bad about them.

Knowing me, will end up with another one soon enough....

Needs must for now though..



  1. Hello Bazmaz -- I have done the exact same thing as you but with a Risa Solid Soprano. I bought for $110 and then sold for $230 on eBay in order to get a Mike DaSilva handmade uke. Also sold a Hamano tenor that I miss. I have coveted an Eleuke but I am in eco-mode for now for World Economy reasons. HU (Humble Uker)


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