spelling and pronunciation

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30 Apr 2010

spelling and pronunciation

So what say you, Ukulele, Ukelele, Uke, Ook?

I dont think there is a definitive answer, but it does come from the Hawaiian for "Jumping Flea".  My research shows that the Hawaiians spell it with a second U and not an E, so that is good enough for me.  (but the Uke originated in Portgual, not Hawaii... oh hang on this is getting complicated)

I think it is mainly connected with Hawaii, they use a U, so it probably should be UKULELE.

As for pronunciation, this is another minefield.  I personally pronounce it YUKE-A-LAY-LEE, or YUKE for short, but think that is probably wrong too in some eyes.  The Hawaiian pronunciation is OOK-A-LAY-LEE, and therefore the shortened version is OOK. But I am British, and that just isnt how people pronounce it over here.

Oh, I've had enough - call it what you like - just play it....


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