Ozark Banjo Uke - update

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28 Apr 2010

Ozark Banjo Uke - update

Since last post, fitting the arm rest - I am happy - this is now super comfortable to play.

Slight issue arose though - the arm rest moved my stupid playing style back to something more normal, which meant I struggled to mute the head with my palm as before, so I am back to that boomy sound that wasnt too nice.

Easily fixed with old banjo trick - some banjo players tone down that sound with a rolled up towel lodged loosely, but securely inside banjo between tension rod and the underside of the head.

This uke is much smaller, so a quick fold up of a guitar polishing cloth tucked in there and hey presto - the sound is cleaned up - in fact better than it was before.

An easy fix - but worth me mentioning, as if you bought one and didnt think you could remove back plate as I have, you might not have thought this possible.  Take the back off and experiment!!


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