A new page for Got A Ukulele and for now, a work in process. This is my directory of individuals who hand make ukuleles. Includes luthiers and those who don't use the term 'luthier' but equally are making ukuleles to order by hand. Not for factory brands in other words!!

If you want a builder adding just contact me with name and ideally a website, or failing that, an email address. Listings are free, but of course you are welcome to Buy Me A Beer to say thanks!

hand made ukulele

Got A Ukulele doesn't vouch for individual builders - this is a directory to put you in touch. Do your research! ALSO - please don't blame me for dead links - I list what luthiers tell me, but if they change them and don't advise, I simply DO NOT have the time to go through these (and the clubs, and the brands, and the players etc etc) every week to check!)


Andy's Ukuleles - Andy Miles - Berkshire

Beltona - Steve Evans - West Yorkshire

Chennell Stringed Instruments - Toby Chennel - Bournemouth

Davidson Instruments - Phil Davidson - Gloucestershire

DJ Morgan - West Midlands

Robert Ford Guitars - Essex

Pete Howlett - North Wales

Isty Bitsy Ukes

Colin Keefe - Nottinghamshire

KM Ukuleles - Kevin Mulcock - South Wales

John McKenzie - Devon

MT Dorset Ukuleles - Martyn Thornington - Dorset

Chris Perkins - Staffordshire

SMB Guitars - West Sussex

Marshall Stapleton - Lyme Regis!

Zachary Taylor - Buckinghamshire

Tinguitar - Robert Collins - West Yorkshire

Ken Timms

Stuart Wailing

Wildcat Ukuleles - Paul Barnard - Oswestry

Wunderkammer Musical Instruments - Liam Kirby - Somerset


Beansprout Musical Instruments - Aaron Keim - Oregon

Bonanza - Pete Mai - Minnesota

Covered Bridge - Perry and Terry Bullinger - Oregon

Davidson Ukuleles - Phillip Davidson - Virginia

DaSilva Ukulele Co - Mike DaSilva - California

DeVine Guitars and Ukuleles - Erik DeVine - Hawaii

Earnest Instruments - Joel Eckhaus - Maine

Ebi Ukuleles - Howard Replogle - WA

Griffin Ukuleles - Washington

Beau Hannam - Colorado

Hanson Ukuleles - David Hanson - Georgia

Henderson Guitars and Ukuleles - Jayne Henderson - North Carolina

Hinkle Ukulele - Larry Hinkle - Virginia

Hive Ukuleles - Jake Macklay-  California

Hoffmann Lutherie - Jerry Hoffman - Missouri

Iriguchi Ukuleles - Dave Iriguchi - California

Kepasa Ukuleles - Kevin Crossett - Vermont

Kimo Ukulele - Hank Johnson - California

Kinnard Ukes - John Kinnard - California

Lichty Guitars - Jay Lichty - North Carolina

Magic Fluke - Massachusetts

Mason Guitars and Ukuleles - Kevin Mason - Illinois

Moore Bettah - Chuck Moore - Hawaii

Moore Handmade - Howard Moore III - South Carolina

MP Ukulele - Mike Pereira - California

Mya Moe - Cary Kelly - Illinois

New Traditions Dulcimers and Wood Crafts - Dan Daniels - Seattle

Oceana Ukuleles (Zac Steimle) - Washington State

Ono Ukuleles - David Ingalls - Oregon

Ryan's Ukes - Ryan Forbes - South Carolina

Snowshoe Ukulele Co - New England

South Texas Ukulele - Brian Wright

Stansell Guitars - Les Stansell - Oregon

Talsma String Instruments - Dave Talsma

Tavis Guitars and Pukiki Ukulele - Gary Tavis

Tiwi Mini Ukuleles - Nevada

CTrietsch Ukuleles - Christopher Trietsch, Long Island

Tyde Music - Tyler Joersz and Devin Prince - California

WaverlyStreet Ukuleles

Zimnicki Guitars - Gary Zimnicki - Michigan


Barron River - Allen McFarlen - Cairns

Honni Ukuleles - Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Wise Ukuleles - Scott Wise - Western Australia


Grenosi - Gregor Nowak - Vienna


Martin Beck Guitars - Vancouver Island

CF Casey Guitars - Fred Casey - Manitoba

Lone Tree Guitars and Ukuleles - Steve Doreen - Vancouver Island

Ray Vincent - Ontario

Red Sands Ukuleles - Heidi Litke - Prince Edward Island


Tom Ziegenspeck - Rudolstadt


Mahardika Instruments - Andy Mahardika


Kingstown Ukes - Dublin


Antica Ukuleleria - Marco Todeschini


Daybeat Customs


Argapa Ukuleles - Sven Nyström - Stockholm

Lupin Guitars - Diogo Chavarria Amaro - Söderbärke

Markus Sontheimer - Stockholm


  1. Hi Barry, I've seen a number of ads for a South African company called Fanner who kind of make them by hand (at least not a massive manufacturer) - they have some very sexy looking Baritone ukes - just wondered if you'd come across them at all?


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