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10 Dec 2023

Caravelle Kitchen Monoxyl Mezzo Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's time for another first outing on Got A Ukulele for an independent ukulele builder. This is the intriguing Monoxyl Mezzo Soprano ukulele from Caravelle Kitchen.

Caravelle Kitchen Monoxyl Mezzo Soprano Ukulele

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3 Dec 2023

Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

Back once again with a ukulele brand that regularly appears on this site - this is the Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele.

Flight Aurora EQ-A Baritone Ukulele

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26 Nov 2023

Brogärde Tenor Boatpaddle Ukulele - REVIEW

After a slew of more common ukuleles on Got A Ukulele it's always nice to feature something brand new to me and rather different. And that is certainly the case with this Boatpaddle Tenor Ukulele from Brogärde Instrument in Sweden.

Brogärde Tenor Boatpaddle Ukulele

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19 Nov 2023

Rosen K11 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Time for another check in to the ukuleles on offer on Amazon. This is the Rosen K11 Tenor Ukulele.

Rosen K11 Tenor Ukulele

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18 Nov 2023

Got A Ukulele nominated in the 'Ukies' - Vote NOW!

Delighted to see that Got A Ukulele and me, Barry, have been nominated in a few categories of the finals of the 'Ukies' awards!

Anarchy in the Ukulele

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12 Nov 2023

Baton Rouge UTM-T rECOtimber Ukulele - REVIEW

Another brand new ukulele model this week on Got A Ukulele - this is the UTM-T Spruce and Flamed Maple Tenor from their new Baton Rouge rECOtimber series.

Baton Rouge UTM-T Tenor Ukulele

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5 Nov 2023

Snail SUB-M1 Baritone Ukulele - REVIEW

Time for a ukulele scale that I don't feature enough on Got A Ukulele (not for lack of trying). This is the Snail SUB-M1 Baritone - an instrument where all is not quite as it seems.

Snail SUB-M1 Baritone Ukulele

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22 Oct 2023

Millar Custom All Solid Sapele Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

Sometimes a ukulele just looks 'right up my street' at Got A Ukulele towers. This is the Millar Custom All Solid Sapele Soprano.

Millar Custom Solid Sapele Soprano Ukulele

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15 Oct 2023

Winzz Kids Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Got A Ukulele Reviews return with another dive into the dizzying array of cheap instruments largely only available on Amazon. This is the Winzz Kids Concert Ukulele.

Winzz Kids Concert Ukulele

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8 Oct 2023

Kiwaya U-Trip-01 Sopranino Ukulele - REVIEW

It's been a little while since Got A Ukulele looked at the REALLY little guns. Time to set that straight with a look at the Kiwaya U-Trip-01 Sopranino.

Kiwaya U-Trip-01 Sopranino Ukulele

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30 Sept 2023

Flight Comet Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

The ukulele world doesn't sit still and we now regularly see new models that cause a big buzz in the market. Here's one of those -  the new Flight Comet tenor ukulele.

Flight Comet Tenor Ukulele

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24 Sept 2023

GEWA Manoa M-CO Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

My first time with this European ukulele brand that i've been meaning to get around to for a while. This is the GEWA Manoa M-CO Concert Ukulele.

GEWA Manoa M-CO Concert Ukulele

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17 Sept 2023

DJ Morgan Vintage Style Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's always important to look at the work of ukulele luthiers in these reviews and not just factory brands, so I'm pleased to feature this one. A DJ Morgan Vintage Style Soprano.

DJ Morgan Vintage Soprano Ukulele

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10 Sept 2023

aNueNue UT100 Sitka Bird Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Here's a ukulele from a brand that's always done very well on here, but caught me a bit by surprise during my summer break. This is the aNueNue UT100 Sitka Bird Tenor Ukulele. 

anuenue ut100 sitka bird tenor ukulele

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3 Sept 2023

Islander AC-4 Concert Ukulele

Got A Ukulele returns after the summer break with a look at a brand that's always done quite well on the review bench. This is the Islander AC-4 Concert Ukulele.

Islander AC-4 Concert Ukulele

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13 Aug 2023

Uma UK-20SSP Pineapple Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

This week  on Got A Ukulele a brand return with a mix of a couple of my favourite things. This is the Uma UK-20SSP Pineapple Soprano.

Uma UK-20SSP Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

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5 Aug 2023

Martin C1K Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

It took a few years on Got A Ukulele, but today completes something of a trio. This is the Martin C1K Concert Ukulele.

Martin C1K Concert Ukulele

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30 Jul 2023

Mr Mai MM-T Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Got A Ukulele sees a return to a brand I've had on the site a number of times now. This is the Mr Mai MM-T Tenor Ukulele.

Mr Mai MM-T Tenor Ukulele

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23 Jul 2023

Kanile'a K-1 B Baritone Deluxe Ukulele - REVIEW

Following on with a series of dream ukuleles, I'm delighted to be able to get my hands on this Kanile'a K-1 B Deluxe Baritone.

Kanile'a K-1 B Deluxe Baritone Ukulele

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16 Jul 2023

Phil Davidson Spruce and Maple Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Continuing the current run of the 'dream ukuleles', this week a first time in my hands for this ukulele maker. This is the Phil Davidson Spruce and Maple Tenor.

Phil Davidson Spruce Maple Tenor Ukulele

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