4 Feb 2024

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

Another much featured ukulele brand on Got A Ukulele this week. And i'm not entirely sure why I haven't gotten around to reviewing this one before now. This is the Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele

It's quite a few years ago now that Enya first crossed the Got A Ukulele path, I think with their (fun and cheap) HPL bodied ukes in the first instances. Then came the Nova's, the feathers, the Taimane's, even a couple of guitars. They've always done well with me as being on the innovative side, that little bit different, and always well made and finished for reasonable prices. They are also one of those brands that started on Amazon, but impressed stores to such a degree that the specialist dealers I recommend also carry them. This one is part of a series of concerts and tenors that actually hit the shops a fair amount of time ago, but for one reason or another had never been on the site. I do, however, get a lot of requests to look at these, so my thanks to the UK Enya distributor Red Chilli Audio for lending me this one. Oh, and sorry about the pictures in advance - photographing a mirror finish black gloss ukulele outside with clouds reflecting in the finish is a devil of a job!


The EUT-MAD tenors are a set of three all solid mahogany instruments in a distinctive modern double bout shape that is quite deep in the body (the EUC-MAD instruments are much the same in concert scale). They come in a range of colours, either a natural gloss, a blue stain or this one in black. Some pictures of the black look more translucent than others whereas this one looks more solid glossy black in which you see only very minor hints of grain in certain lights. More on that colour and finish later though. It all looks well put together and because of the colour I can't talk much more about the wood grain.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele body

The bridge is common for Enya being a low profile through bridge made of Richlite, the paper based eco composite used by many instrument makers these days. What confuses me here is that it looks like very dry pale wood and in need of oil. With Richlite, I wasn't aware that was a 'thing' as it's naturally the colour it is made in, but this looks dry. I'm sure a bit of polish here will sort it out, but.. meh.. If you look at the picture, I'm not talking about what looks like a mark on the bottom edge, that's actually a nice chamfer in the carving, but more about the faded colour on the side wings. It's otherwise very tidy though and holds a compensated bone saddle. Spacing here comes in at 42mm.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele bridge

Decoration is limited to an abalone rosette and that gloss stained finish. As I say above, you can't see much grain  through this like you can on the other colours I have seen. At first thought I felt that was a shame, but the more solid black has really grown on me as a kind of 'goth uke'. It also doesn't look to thick and there aren't any flaws or pooling in it either. One thing it IS though in this black is a total fingerprint magnet because the gloss is like a mirror!!  (I think i'm actually saying that's a 'good' thing? It's nicely done!)

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele finish

Inside is very tidy as Enya tend to be. The braces are not overly large and kerfing is notched. The lower bout of the top is vertically braced. Like some other Enya ukes, the wooden strip that holds the back joint together is also used to hold the brand name and logo applied pyrographically. The top on this model also looks to be quite thin.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele inside

Up to the neck, this is bolted externally which serves as a strap button  like those early HPL instruments. I wonder if this is removable like those? Now that's not a feature that many would think is something worth writing about, but I did take advantage of that with their soprano HPL uke and took it apart to make it fit inside a carry on trolley bag (to meet airline rules), and then re-assembled it on holiday in Spain! True story, but I digress. It's nice to see that whilst the neck is also painted black, they kept this in a satin finish. Naturally, that paint means I can't tell you how many pieces there are. The nut profile is pretty rounded, but comes with an extremely roomy 38mm nut with 30mm spacing G to A. Great.

It's topped with more Richlite for the board which this time is in good condition and uniformly coloured all the way along. It's edge bound to hide the fret ands and I was delighted to see a very slight radius on the frets too for even more comfort. You get 18 of those joined at the 14th and there are no sharp edges. Position emblems that look like flower buds face out in pearl at the 5th, 7th and 12th and at the 10th you get a more elongated motif with side tendrils. They look the part and are applied well, but I can't help thinking that the bigger inlay would have been better at the 12th? Side dots pair with those with the 12th being a double on the side and an extra one at the 15th.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele neck

Beyond the bone nut is a slot head style headstock in black which looks cool and classy. I'm glad they sent me the tenor as I believe the concert has a slot head and I wouldn't be as complimentary. Only the front face is glossed leaving a nice contrast in feel to the front and back. The Enya logo is inlaid in pearl in the top face. There are though one or two minor finishing issues here such as a bit of polish that needs buffing out in the slots and some slight edge imperfections on the top crown. I have seen MUCH worse though.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele headstock

The tuners side mounted gears in black and gold with vintage shaped buttons. They look to me to be of the sort of quality that Flight use and I have no complaints here.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele tuners

Finishing the deal are a set of D'Addario EJ87T fluoro strings, a good quality branded gig bag, tail strap button to complement the neck fitment and an allen wrench for that neck bolt. And in the UK these come in with an RRP of £240, but when i've seen them in UK dealers about a tenner less. Either way that's not a huge asking price for an all solid tenor with nice finishing like this. A good deal I think. It also comes with an optional pickup version too for a bit more dough.

Enya EUT-MAD Tenor Ukulele back

So, it's all pretty damn good so far. I fully accept that fully coloured ukuleles are not everyone's cup of tea, so whilst this one does it for me, i've not gone super silly on the 'Looks' score here to reflect the fact that it is, ultimately, just a single colour uke with fairly limited decor. Setup and build are excellent bar the very minor finishing issues. The setup out of the box is just fine for me too. I wouldn't say it's heavy, but it feels substantial at 760g and balances ok too. All very good, but sound is the big element.

Volume and sustain first. On the former, this is a little more subdued than I expected considering the body size. I am not saying it is quiet, but it's more introspective and laid back that's for sure. I rather like it for that, but bear in mind if you are looking for a uke for a group jam, you may feel a bit on the edge here. Sustain is very good though and it feels a very resonant instrument.

Tone wise this has pleased me too. Whilst it is laid back in voice, when strummed the notes here are very clear and never muddy with a nice jangly balance to the tone. I am getting a slightly warm slightly woody overtone, but with some pretty highs that round out the sound to a very smooth enjoyable sound when strumming chords. Think of yourself laid back on the sofa with a smile kind of sound. It's certainly got a nice character.

Fingerpicking for me shines and not just on account of that comfortable neck and long sustain. There is a very pretty clear chime here too that rings and rings and sounds more expensive than the ticket price would suggest to me. It certainly takes advantage of the trebles played this way, but even with a high G string it's not lacking in bass on fingerpicking parts. All very balanced again. 

I'm really pleased this one finally featured as I can see why they have been popular. I know that painted ukes divide people, but don't look at this and assume it's 'not serious' as it most certainly is. It's a chilled out, grown up sounding instrument that is extremely comfortable and pleasing to play. And, of course - if you are a Cash fan or a Goth (or both?) the looks are killer. I'd love to see this on stage with lights bouncing off it! 

Certainly recommended!


Model: Enya EUT-MAD
Scale: Tenor
Body: All solid mahogany
Bridge: Richlite through style
Saddle: Bone, compensated
Spacing at saddle: 42mm
Finish: Gloss of colour stain options
Neck: Mahogany, satin
Fingerboard: Richlite with slight radius
Frets: 18, 14 to body
Nut: Bone
Nut width: 38mm, 30mm G to A
Tuners: unbranded open gears
Strings: D'Addario EJ87T Fluoros 
Extras: Strap button, gig bag, neck bolt tool
Country of origin: China
Weight: 760g
Price: £240 RRP


I love the look of this!
Good build and finish
Comfortable roomy neck
Decent tuners
Great sustain
Warm characterful tone with trebles for balance
Good price


Bit laid back on projection
Some very minor finishing issues


Looks - 9 out of 10
Fit and finish 9 out of 10
Sound - 9 out of 10
Value for money - 9 out of 10









  1. The UK price is kind of shocking. The US price for the acoustic only tenor is only $150USD!

    1. Not that simple though - Shipping USA to China is likely much cheaper than USA to UK (due to volume). UK also has import duty and 20% VAT to add on. UK prices on ukes tend to be more.

    2. Great review. Just wondering if you have a preference between this and the eut-ms which you rated highly. Much appreciated


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