14 May 2015

The Mother Ukers - Love Cats for Margaret Green Animal Rescue

It's nice when a much loved ukulele outfit go that extra mile for a very worthy cause, and that's what we have here with The Mother Ukers and their association with the Margaret Green Animal Rescue charity.

UK ukulele fans can't have failed to have missed the Mother Ukers rise on the circuit, with many of us seeing their cracking set at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in 2014 (and looking forward to another of the same this year - in a couple of weeks in fact!).

Anyway, for some time now, The Mother Ukers have been doing work in association with Margaret Green Animal Rescue, donating a percentage of their merch revenue, doing busking events for them and the like.  Every year Margaret Green Animal Rescue cares for over 1,200 animals, many of which have been abandoned, unwanted and ill-treated, and rehome them to loving owners. With centres in Devon and Dorset they always have a large variety of animals that are looking for new, loving homes.

So not just a cracking band, but a caring one too! And what an ace video eh?

Take a look below at their promotion for the charity and be sure to visit the links below the video too. Nice work guys!

(The Mother Ukers are.... Barnaby Wild, Jonty Jonson and Luap Rekcut and bill themselves as 'Pioneers of Ukular Fusion'!)



The Mother Ukers - Pioneers of Ukular Fusion

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