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25 Mar 2012

Ukulele News - 25 March 2012

Hello again folks - time for another round up of ukulele news from around the globe!

So, this week, Julia Nunes has become Queen, and Jake Shimabukuro has become God....


Nice preview to the Cairns Ukulele Festival. (Check out all my uke festival listings here)


The Opera Director with a  George Formby obsession


Take your ukulele to work. And why not? I do occasionally!


singing nurse played ukulele to newborn babies....


Jessica Latshaw talks to Urban Twist


Oh god, ukulele players reported in the auditions for Britains Got Talent.. - that's it, we are all DOOMED.


Ukulele in the School Of Rock


George Harrison inspired many to play the uke, but this one was new to me - Mick Fleetwood

More news round ups coming soon! Keep Strumming!


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