New purchase - Orange micro amp

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19 Oct 2010

New purchase - Orange micro amp

Not totally ukulele related, but there you go.  Just bought an Orange Micro Crush amp - its  a 9v battery powered mini amp for home practice - but I really bought it for our acoustic sessions in the pub - I want to take my Stratocaster with me occasionally for a bit of lead noodling, and a full blown amp would be overkill (and not really in keeping with our sleepy pub).

orange micro crush ukulele

But then again - I am really looking forward to getting some uke played through it on overdrive settings!

Fuller review to follow.


  1. Hi Barry

    how did it sound?


  2. Blimey this was a very old blog post. I'll be honest with you Ben, absolutely awful. Used it once. It's horrible.


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