New Uke due!

27 Jul 2010

New Uke due!

Well, its been a while, but pleased to say another uke on its way, courtesy of Duke Of Uke.  (read below - despite me having a problem with them, i had a heartfelt apology..)

Wanted one of these for a while - well I wanted a thinbody travel uke of any variety.  My choice was this or a Kala travel uke.  Whilst I like Kala, it is only a solid top, not back and sides, and those tuners make it heavy at the top - not good.

So what did I order I hear you cry? (get on with it!)

Its a Bruko thin soprano in matt black.  Very cool looking.  It will be my Johnny Cash uke! (or maybe, that should be my Spinal Tap uke - none more black....?)

I like Bruko - handmade in Germany - all solid woods, impeccably made.  I had a No6 Bruko but sold it (stupidly).  Looking forward to this one.

Full review to follow


  1. Have you seen the new Kala SSTU-BP? Comes with pegs and is (believe it or not) even thinner (by the width of the binding) than the geared Kala SSTU!

    But you pays your money and you takes your choice. While I've never found the weight of the gears to be a problem on the SSTU (I've got both the SSTU and the SSTU-BP - long story!), I think Kalas have a brighter, louder sound than Brükos, but Brükos have the sweeter action.

    Furthermore, if you're really into noodling, the Brüko's fretboard is in line with the body (similar to the ukulele's daddy, the Portuguese cavaquinho minhoto), means that you can play notes off the fretboard right up to the sound hole!

    But weirdly, it is only the black Brükos that have this feature. On the white models, the fretboard is proud of the body, in the conventional way ( Had you noticed that when you ordered the black model, and was that a consideration in your purchase?

  2. Thanks - thats interesting about the new Kala

    Still, I like Brukos build and heritage.

    Didnt know that about the fingerboard - interesting, thanks!

  3. No arguments here about Brükos' heritage and build quality. If the SSTU-BP hadn't almost literally fallen into my hands, my next purchase was going to be a Brüko. I was jamming on my friend's Brüko last night and it is really lovely to play - and it is still lighter and thinner (by about 3-4mm) than the SSTU-BP. Enjoy!

    But if I ever do order one, I'd definitely pay the extra €45 to have them fit the pick-up too.

  4. Ooooh, cool! (Yeah, I'm commenting two and half years later; just saw this for the firs time).

    Do they still make this one?


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