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1 May 2010

Ukulele beginners tips - How do you pick?

Another common question this one - do you play the ukulele with a plectrum or pick.

Well, personally speaking I dont - I really dont see the need, and find that if I do play with a pick, the sound can be a bit overpowering and sharp.

Tradition suggests that the uke should be strummed with the fingers - held cuddled against the body in a variety of fingerstyles, but generally using the first finger, with some thumb for accenting or other fingers in a fan style.

If you have short nails you will get a softer sound, but growing the first finger nail will add to your "attack".

All of that said, a trawl of Youtube will show you that plenty of people do play with a pick, so it isnt "wrong" - whatever you choose.


  1. I am a beginning uke player and my fingernails are non existent because I am also a pianist. I find that strumming with my fingers gets very uncomfortable after a short time and I have to stop. I can only play for about ten minutes before I have very ouchy fingers!
    For this reason I am plotting to go out and buy a pick.

  2. Are you saying you need short nails for playing piano. If that's the case, then you are a sure fire good case for using a pick in my book.


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